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Dīzeļa ģeneratoru komplektu parasta izslēgšana un avārijas izslēgšana

Laiks: 2019-02-10 Rezultāti: 7

Take a large unit as an example, the description is as follows:
1. Normal shutdown of diesel generator set
1) Gradually remove the load, disconnect the load switch, and turn the commutation switch to the manual position.
2) The speed is reduced to 600-800 rpm under no-load conditions, and the handle of the oil pump is pushed to stop the oil supply after a few minutes of running the vehicle in no-load mode, and the handle is reset after stopping.
3) When the ambient temperature is less than 5℃, the cooling water of the water pump and diesel engine should be drained completely.
4) Put the speed control handle to the lowest speed position, and put the voltage switch to the manual position.
5) The fuel switch can be turned off for short-term parking to prevent air from entering the fuel system, and the fuel switch should be turned off after parking for long-term parking;
6) The engine oil must be drained for long-term parking.
2. Emergency shutdown of diesel generator set
When one of the following situations occurs in the diesel generator set, it must be stopped in an emergency. At this time, you should cut off the load first, and immediately turn the switch handle of the fuel injection pump to the position of cutting off the oil circuit, so that the diesel engine will stop immediately.
The unit pressure gauge value drops below the specified value:
1) The cooling water temperature exceeds 99℃.
2) The unit has a sharp knocking sound, or some parts are damaged.
3) Cylinder, piston, governor and other moving parts are stuck.
4) When the generator voltage exceeds the maximum reading on the meter.
5) In the event of fire or electric leakage or other natural hazards.