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Kā izvēlēties degvielu dīzeļa ģeneratora komplektam?

Laiks: 2018-06-20 Rezultāti: 7

The selection of fuel for diesel generator sets is also very important. Only by choosing the right and good quality fuel can prolong the life of diesel generator sets. So how to choose the fuel for diesel generator set?

 1. The fuel we choose must use the fuel recommended in the operation manual of the diesel generator set. This is the most suitable fuel for current diesel generator sets. Using the correct fuel can reduce the maintenance of diesel generator sets and increase the service life of diesel generator sets.
 2. Choose the correct diesel according to the ambient temperature of the area where the diesel generator set is used. At 5-42℃, 0#, -10# light diesel can be used, 10# light diesel can be used in southern areas, and -20#, -35# light diesel can be used in northern winter alpine areas.
 3. The fuel in the fuel tank should not be overfilled, let alone overflow the fuel tank, and the fuel tank cap should be sealed securely. If the fuel tank is placed outdoors, a rain cover must be added.
 4. When adding fuel, pay attention to the surrounding environment, and do a good job of fire and explosion prevention, and smoking is strictly prohibited.
 The above is how to choose the fuel for the diesel generator set? I hope everyone can use diesel generator sets correctly and safely to reduce the failure rate of diesel generators.