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Kāpēc dīzeļa ģeneratoru jauda samazinās

Laiks: 2017-07-15 Rezultāti: 7

In fact, after a period of use of diesel generator sets, there is a problem of power drop. In fact, this is also a normal phenomenon. So once you find that the power has dropped, what should you do? It is recommended that you first have an electrician check to check the condition of the diesel generator set, and whether each part of each part is normal. If everything is normal, then this situation is normal.

 So why does a diesel generator set that have been used for a long time experience a power drop? Because during the operation of the diesel generator set, each part moves at a high level under a certain degree of compliance, during which friction between parts will occur, and there must be abrasion if there is friction. Over time, these parts may change shape due to friction between each other. This phenomenon is generally referred to as "natural wear". Although this situation is unavoidable, we still recommend that you do a good job in the daily maintenance of diesel generator sets. Check the fuel of the diesel generator set, as well as the humidity, temperature and so on in the engine room of the diesel generator set. Only good maintenance can extend the life of diesel generator sets.