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Alžīrijas enerģētikas attīstības plāns

Laiks: 2015-04-20 Rezultāti: 8

In the new five-year plan, large-scale petrochemical infrastructure, liquefied natural gas stations, and refinery expansion projects will continue to be implemented. According to the medium-term development prospects of petroleum upstream products, hydrocarbon production will continue to grow. It will promote the implementation of a large number of reinforcement and expansion pipeline projects, especially in the area of natural gas, to maximize domestic demand and increase export capacity. In the next few years, downstream petroleum products will also have greater development, especially new construction projects.

The power production capacity is still growing. The medium-term development plan will build a new 4000 MW power station to meet the country’s growing demand for power. In terms of electricity and gas transmission, 98% of the households in Algeria have electricity, and 44% of the households have been connected to natural gas.

Aneng Mining Department plans to invest in the construction of 14,000KM transmission lines and 9,300KM natural gas pipelines every year, so that the vast rural areas can use natural gas and electricity.