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Piesardzības pasākumi dīzeļa ģeneratora komplekta darbībai

Laiks: 2021-08-30 Rezultāti: 116

Please pay attention to the following points during the operation of the diesel generator set

1. AC ammeter on the generator: the needle indicates whether it is normal, switch the current switch to measure the phase current value between the phase sequences, the phase difference between the phase sequences should not exceed 10%.
2. Diesel generator AC voltmeter: Whether the voltage indicated by the needle is normal.
3. Whether the oil pressure indicated by the oil pressure gauge is in the normal range.
4. Charging meter: Whether the pointer is in the (+) direction.
5. Whether the water temperature indicated by the water temperature gauge is within the normal range of 65℃ ~ 93℃.
6. Tachometer: Whether the number of revolutions of the engine is appropriate. (60Hz is 1800 rpm) 
7. Whether the generator engine has abnormal sound or vibration.